VTrans is Virginia's Transportation Plan. It is prepared for the Commonwealth Transportation Board by the Office of Intermodal Planning and Investment.

Strategic Actions

VTrans Strategic Actions are identified based on the planning conducted to develop the VTrans Vision, VTrans Mid-term Needs and Priorities, VTrans Long-term Risk & Opportunity Register, as well as the VTrans Freight Element. The Strategic Actions are initiatives that will help the Commonwealth achieve it’s transportation Vision, Goals and Objectives and may require the creation of new policies or modifications to existing policies.

Development of VTrans Strategic Actions

The approach to the development of VTrans Strategic Actions include reliance on planning that is informed by feedback from VTrans stakeholders, including state-level partners and external partners such as MPO’s, PDC’s, and localities. The aim is to seek out gaps or new opportunities to make the transportation system better prepared for existing and potential challenges consistent with the CTB’s Vision. Available resources, timeframes, and feasibility will also be taken into account.

VTrans Strategic Actions relate to:

  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities
  • Developing stronger linkages between Planning and Programming
  • Ensuring consistency and improving transparency
  • Improving coordination between transportation and land use
  • Improving efficiency of multimodal and intermodal connections

2021 VTrans Strategic Actions

The 2021 Strategic Actions can be found below.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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